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Lotto Studio Streams - live lotto drawing

Totalizator Sportowy sp. z o.o. is the organizer of numerical games Lotto and provides live draws on the internet.
Draws take place daily in the Lotto Studio live at 14:00 i 22:00 according to the schedule on the FAQ page. Streams can be watched online or on TV on TVP 3 channel (at 2200 in the evenings, but only on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays). Draws at 1400 are not televised, only available online. Adapting to technology, it's easier to watch the draw online than on TV at a specific time.
Studio Lotto
Draw transmission comes from the , the only official source of Polish Lotto.

Where and when to watch Lotto broadcasts on TV?

In the past, Lotto draws could only be watched on TV, but today it's not the only source of information about Lotto results. Many players still remember the presenter known as 'Mr. Lotto' - Ryszard Rembiszewski, who was the Lotto studio presenter for many years. Today, the draws are hosted by Marcin Mańka and others. Over time, TV programs broadcasting Lotto draws changed, from TP1 to TP2, and currently, starting from June 18, 2020, it's on TVP 3. However, after the introduction of Multi Multi draws at 1400, they were not broadcast on television.

Live Lotto studio online

For several years, the Lotto studio can be watched online on the website, which is the only official website of the organizer - Totalizator Sportowy Sp. z o.o. In the past, draw broadcasts were on TVP Info and Polsat. Today, a mass of viewers checks the latest results online. Emotions can only be found online starting from October 1; the Studio Lotto program will be available on TVP3 only three days a week: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. The broadcasting time remains unchanged - at 2200. You can watch the live draw on our website above. During the Lotto studio draw, you can also find out about current accumulations, where the wins occurred, and whether anyone won in scratch cards. Studio Lotto is currently hosted by TV presenters: Maria Zwierzyńska, Marcin Mańka, Renata Molenda, Mateusz Kaczmarek, Agata Kamila Jasińska, Conrado Moreno. Sometimes well-known guests - athletes - also appear.
It is possible to watch the archive of lotto draws on the official Totalizator Sportowy website.